Don't Be a Dog Park 'Poopetrator'

Don't Be a Dog Park 'Poopetrator'

Ah, irresponsible dog owners: not a new topic among regulars at the dog park, a group who makes walking around the park a little more terrifying for everyone (including the good dog owners who do pick up the doo). A frustrated regular emailed us about the issue:

"We have an up-poopular problem with some owners not cleaning up after their dogs at Bear Creek Dog Park. At times it's like playing hopscotch because every where you walk you have to watch your step. Dog waste left around the park is not only obnoxious and gross–it can also be dangerous, making its way into our water supply if not disposed of correctly. Bear Creek Dog Park supplies poop clean up bags and signage asking folks to clean up after their pets, so we just don't understand why people don't clean up after their canine companions."

If owners are blatantly ignoring signs, though, what are some other solutions for handling the problem? Is there any percentage of the carefree dog owner population that's truly ignorant and unfazed by dog waste around the park or is everyone who leaves his or her pooch's crap lying around just being, er, crappy?

A silly but insightful conversation I had at the dog park narrows our suspicions down neatly with six reasons people might not pick up what their dogs leave behind:

They think dog poop is natural.'s not, especially in the quantities that are generated by our pets, and pet poop harms the environment and threatens public health 
They think that picking up dog poop is gross. But isn't stepping in it is 100 times worse? 
They forgot a bag. Really??? Funny thing is there are several poop bag stations in and around Bear Creek Dog Park. 
They don't want to carry the poop with them. So they'd rather carry poop into their house on their shoes? 
They don't know if it's a law, so they think they don't have to or it's not that important. What about the law of common decency? 
They are completely self-absorbed and think they are the only people on the planet. Ha, ha just kidding…kind of.

Even the best dog park patrons miss a "deposit" every now and again, so we have a suggestion...when ever you visit the park pick up every poop you know your pup has left and if you see a stray poop pick it up too! If you see someone walking away from the scene of the crime, just ask if they have "forgotten" a bag of their own and direct them to the nearest bag station.

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