Volunteers Make it All Happen!

Although we sponsor formally appointed days during the year, such as the famous "Ghouls and Stools" Halloween celebration in the fall, and "April Stools" in the spring, our need for volunteers is ongoing.

For example, if you have the time and equipment to help with the removal of tree limbs and maintenance of the banks of the creek where they tend toward erosion, please contact us. Many volunteers routinely pick up after the dogs in the park when our more inconsiderate visitors fail to do so. Others fill the park's plastic bag containers with used bags from the supermarket or donate dozens of balls placed in the ball basket near the park's entrance for enjoyment of canine visitors and their humans.

We especially need ongoing help from younger volunteers with strong backs to do things like move sand and rocks, build trails, clean culverts and other heavy duty jobs.

If you would be interested in serving on a committee or board, or helping with fundraising, please consider contacting us. We especially look for those persons who might have some past formal work experience with fundraising.

If you have ideas for fundraising activities we would love to hear from you. Volunteers represent the dog park on the Dog Park Advisory Committee for the parks department, for example. Others participate in the day-to-day business through Friends of Bear Creek Dog Park.

Current Project Based Volunteer Opportunities

Sediment Removal Dog Park Pool Structures: Project involves removing sediment from concrete pool structures in the Bear Creek Dog Park. This is a labor intensive project requiring low skill level. The project will require approximately 4-6 hours with 8-10 volunteers.

Install brick pavers around restroom facility: Project involves installing recycled brick pavers which need cleaned and stacked on pallets and moved over to the site and installed. Project is labor intensive and requires a moderate skill level.

To volunteer or for more information please contact Kyle Melvin, Park Supervisor, at kylemelivn@elpasoco.com

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